Practical Stress Analysis for Design Engineers

In May 2013, after doing an exhaustive research and discussing with many industry professionals, I decided to enroll myself into the distance learning Practical Stress Analysis for Design Engineers Program in the area of Aircraft Stress Analysis by Jean-Claude Flabel. It took me 11 months to complete the full course along with the exams and I must say, it is one of those courses that you really enjoy going through.

This course is designed to place more emphasis on technical fundamentals and give less treatment to the theoretical and derivative aspects of the subject. It discusses topics such as structural methods and procedures, application of stress formulas, sizing techniques and detail design conceptual approach in more detailIn addition to that, the actual aircraft structural problems presented in the book allow to understand both, the technicality and cost analysis part of the problem.

What this course taught me:

  • Principles of Statics
  • Design and Analysis of Axial and Bending Members
  • Connection Analysis
  • Shearing Stresses
  • Shear and Tension Clip Supports
  • Crippling of Compression Members
  • Design and Analysis of Column Members
  • Shear-Resistant Beams
  • Cutouts and Hole Reinforcements

Overall, this course allows me to make intelligent and sound engineering judgments to analyze the structural behavior of components. In addition, it also gives me the capability to optimize their performance in a cost-effective manner. Together with this Stress Analysis certification, I hope to gain practical and progressive stress analysis experience in actual engineering problems.

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2 thoughts on “Practical Stress Analysis for Design Engineers”

  1. HI bro,
    Can you tell more about this course?? Is it a online video tutorial course ??
    Am completing my degree this year , if i complete this course will i get job in Aerospace company???

    1. Hello Manoj,
      For more information on this course, please visit
      Many Aerospace companies like Boeing provide their engineers with this training. So learning this course will be a good addition to your profile. However, please keep in mind that Aerospace industry is very competitive. Your other skills and education in this field is much more important.

      Chirag Sharma

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